I prefer the red!

I love the white with all my meals.

It  took some time to create these two floral containers. (Which of course are recycled whiskey bottles.)  I emptied them the old fashion way; one drink at a time. When I finally had the two bottles empty and ready for recycling, I thought of red and white roses. Obviously the choice between red and white is a difficult one to make, but I chose “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey“, to hold the red rose. This is the one I prefer with my meals. Of course the colors red and white are used for many subjects. I love red lipstick and white skin. In the Gothic World, red and white go well with black.

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Daisys are Dead.

Dead Daisy.

The Daisy lasts longer than most spring flowers, but eventually succumbs to death. The plant struggles to capture life as long as possible yet it too, will die. This is life’s one guarantee, death. Gothic.


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Silver dollar plant.

The silver dollar plant is shown more often when dead than alive. The unique seeds look similiar to silver dollars. If there is a money tree, then here it is. This plant is loved when dead, rather Gothic, don’t you think?

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Smoke tree, and small batch memories.

Smokin' after a nine year old drink.


Aged for nine years, and gone in nine hours. I took cuttings from my smoke tree and placed them in this empty bottle. This was a great small batch whiskey, and now it’s a great memory. The bottle is really sharp; I think the arrangement is smokin’.

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A thorny plant and a tricky drink.

Thorny bottle.

If you are not careful, this plant will pierce your skin. It seemed a perfect match for the bottle that once held, “Single Highland Malt Scotch Whiskey”. Coming from Scotland this drink is as fine as they come.

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Hosta and Elmer T. Lee.

Simple can be big.

Large leaf and big flavor.

You don’t have to be big to be good and floral arrangements don’t have to be large to be beautiful. I love this simple display of a blooming hosta in a wonderful whisky bottle. It was pleasant reaching the bottom of the bottle and now I have a new vase for a flower. Recycle!
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Empty bottle, and dead Poppy.

It's sad to see an empty bottle, this beautiful.

Poppy in empty bottle.

I enjoyed this beyond words. Now the taste is just a memory, and the flowers bloom is forgotten. The pair seem to compliement each other. Dead poppy and empty bottle. You should enjoy the bottle.

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Whiskey river ran dry.

Dead and gone.

These daisies are pretty much shot, like the booze that was in this bottle. I think they make a nice fit. What do you think?

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Memorial Day Peony.

For at least several generation, my family has used the Peony on Memorial Day to decorate graves of our loved ones; year after year it seems to bloom just in time to serve this purpose. While the flower is bright, cheerful and has a pleasant fragrance, its bloom will last only a few days. The Peony is a perennial that will go dormant in the winter, its vegetation will die, and yet it returns each spring with a new bouquet of blossoms to serve my family’s needs.
I have seen many dark floral arrangements and have loved most of them, but to me the flower that adorns the graves in our cemeteries, deserves the title, Gothic Flower. It pays homage to the dead.

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Found perfect vase!

Flower and empty bottle.

After enjoying a late night drink, I happened upon a great idea. Why not use my empty bottles for floral vases? Take a look and tell me what you think.

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